In order for a high level of trust to exist regarding the TWN EcDevís ventures, it has been necessary to adopt principles of operation that are clear, comprehensive and transparent.  The following principles are designed to ensure that this level of trust can is maintained.  

  • Wherever possible development projects will be developed, executed, and operated in a manner consistent with Tsleil-Waututh and Coast Salish cultural values.

  •  The foundation for TWN EcDev involvement in any venture will be its likelihood to immediately or eventually provide a net return on investment to the Tsleil-Waututh community.  Although profits and related financial returns will be considered ideal, where appreciable benefits beyond profits are likely, TWN EcDev will seek the direction of TWN Council, Management Board and the Board of the proposed Economic Development Corporation (to be named). 

  •  The TWN EcDev will report regularly on financial and management matters. 

  • The TWN EcDev will conduct its business operations to the highest standard of generally accepted business practices. 

  • The TWN EcDev will work cooperatively with other TWN departments to ensure an organizationally integrated approach to meeting the needs of the Tsleil-Waututh community.

  • The TWN EcDev will work with the auditor chosen by TWN and the TWN financial officer to prepare its annual budget and to assist TWN businesses in developing projections for the upcoming fiscal year.